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Medium Roast | Cog Hill Coffee

Medium Roast | Cog Hill Coffee

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Introducing Cog Hill Coffee, a coffee that encapsulates the spirit of kindness and sustainability. Cog Hill Coffee beans are sourced from micro farms, grown on 2 to 5 acres, with a goal of supporting farmers directly, who are masters of their craft. 

Roasted with care in the historic downtown of Selma, Alabama at Revival Coffee


Full Medium Roast with undernotes of Milk Chocolate, Honey and Orange.

**Cupping notes are the description of coffee flavors in the specialty coffee industry. This does not mean the coffee is flavored, but are very subtle flavors that trained professionals use to describe the coffees.


12oz Bag - Ground or Whole Bean

 Join us in embracing the artistry of coffee as we invite you to experience the unique flavors and the rich heritage of Cog Hill Coffee, sip by sip.

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