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Farm Boss Freeze Dried Treats

We are thrilled to introduce Cog Hill Farm's newest product: Farm Boss Freeze Dried Treats! These delicious, shelf-stable treats are crafted with care, to bring you a crunchy and delectably unique treat experience.

Important Shipping Information:
To ensure the quality and freshness of your treats, we will only ship orders on Mondays and Tuesdays during the summer months to avoid excessive heat exposure.

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Brand New!

Farm Gear

We're excited to bring your farm gear made locally in Clanton, Al!

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Cog Hill


This exciting new product line not only creates local jobs but also brings a touch of our cherished home to yours. The first scent, Country Peach, celebrates Clanton, the heart of peach country, perfectly capturing the sweet, fresh aroma that fills the air around Cog Hill Farm. Join us in this fragrant journey and let the warmth of Country Peach fill your home with the essence of our beautiful landscape.

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Cog Hill


Cog Hill Farm Honey is a testament to the dedication and passion infused into every jar, offering a taste of the wholesome goodness found within the heart of the farm.

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Cog Hill


Introducing Cog Hill Coffee, a coffee that encapsulates the spirit of kindness and sustainability. Sourced in Mexico and grown on 2 to 5 acres with a goal of supporting farmers directly who are masters of their craft. 

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