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Honey with Comb

Honey with Comb

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1lb Jar with comb included


Our honeycomb is individually hand cut from the frame ready to be enjoyed the minute you receive it!  With this jar you get to have the experience of honey in its absolute most pure and raw form (in the comb) while getting to also enjoy the goodness you know you love together with the raw honey spun from the hive all in one.

YES you can eat the wax and all :) ..or not its your choice but it's perfectly edible.  Most people describe the wax itself as not having have much of a taste, but it certainly adds to the overall experience. Some choose to chew on it like “old-fashioned bubble gum” while others consume it altogether for that added texture. This is an especially delicious and fun way to eat it when paired with a cracker and cheese or on top of buttered sourdough bread!

Every single honeycomb from a hive is unique so no two will be the same. It take about 1700 forager honeybees and 2 million blossoms to make just 1 lb of honey so there is a lot of diversity that goes into every sweet flavorful drop of honey and honeycomb. These variations come from the differences in the nectar and pollen sources the bees are collecting from over weeks and months at a time.

Please note:
**Honeycomb may contain some naturally occurring plant/bee particles.**
**It is advised that babies under 1y/o do not consume raw honey**
**Raw pure honey naturally will crystalize, to slow down this natural process, store honey/honeycomb in a warm place. If crystallization does occur, it is still 100% okay to eat and is NOT spoiled**
**To return honey back to its original state, place the container in a warm bath of water that can stay at a contact temperature for several hours (a crockpot or similar device works great for this). The water should go up to the honey line but NOT ABOVE the container lip to prevent the from water contaminating the honey. Warm the contents over several hours (this time will vary by your device’s temp)**

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